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Dear Parishioners and friends,


Some time ago, Pope Benedict XVI said the following: “It is only in our personal relationship with Christ, only in the encounter with the Risen One do we really become Christians.”

This relationship with the Risen Christ is born in many ways. We hear his consoling words spoken to us through the sacred scriptures. We are nourished by his life through the sacraments of the Church, particularly the Holy Eucharist. And we are touched by his love through the community of believers who are his people, the Church. In all of these experiences, we encounter the eternal life of God, here and now.

But, as precious as this gift of participating in the life of God is, it is not a gift to be selfishly consumed. Jesus imparts new life to us and then sends us out to share this life with those around us. This is the nature and mission of the Church. This is who we are as followers of Jesus. The Risen Lord invites us to be of service to others – to extend his love, mercy and peace to those we meet.  And we should continue to derive hope from a living relationship with Jesus, Risen from the dead and alive in our midst.

With heartfelt gratitude, I wish to thank all parishioners who have contributed in whatever way to make our Easter celebrations a success. We are truly blessed to have such committed followers of Jesus Christ.  THANK YOU!!!

May we pray for the grace and wisdom to nurture our relationship with the Risen Christ. It is a treasure that neither thieves can steal nor laws can extinguish. And it is the reason why we can boldly proclaim “ALLELUIA”


Fr. Michael.