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 Church of the Immaculate Conception Pinetown


Mass times

Lockdown Level ‘1’

N.B. numbers restricted to 150

with ‘Social Distancing’


Please note the following times:


          Weekends:               Saturday              –         5.30 p.m.   

         (Screening before    Sunday                –         8.30 a.m.

          all Masses)                                             –      11.30 a.m. (Z)


          Week Days:             Monday                –         6.00 p.m.

          (Self-screening       Wednesday          –         9.00 a.m.

            in the evenings)    Thursday              –         6.00 p.m.                                

                                         Friday                    –         9.00 a.m.


Sunday obligation may still be observed on any day of the week and is lifted for the elderly and anybody with pre-existing health conditions.

‘Online Mass’ is available on youtube.

(  search The Immaculate Conception Church Pinetown)


  Masks to be worn at all times in the Church and in the Grounds